Alice in Wonderland cushion cover. Natural linen blend cushion decorated with freehand machine embroidery White Rabbit design. This cushion is backed in a stunning bright cerise pink Harris Tweed


  • Handmade cushion cover, approximately 42cm x 42cm
  • Natural cream linen/cotton blend front, decorated with a freehand machine embroidery White Rabbit design
  • Beautiful Harris Tweed back, with official Harris Tweed label 
  • Black cotton piping trim
  • Covered zip for easy removal and insertion of cushion
  • Dry clean only


Please note, this is for a cushion cover only. Insert is not included. I recommend a pad that is approximately 45cm to ensure your cushion is good and squishy!


The White Rabbit design is taken from the original John Tenniel illustrations from Alice in Wonderland. It is made up of hundreds and thousands of freehand stitches. I use freehand machine embroidery to decorate my cushions. It's just like drawing with a sewing machine! Nothing is computerised, all totally freehand, which means that no two cushions are exactly the same, they all have their own little character. 

I get most of my Harris Tweed direct from the weaver. I love Harris Tweed, it's such a special fabric - it feels beautifully luxurious and is a joy to work with. This particular Harris Tweed is constructed using beautiful cerise pink yarn.

Alice In Wonderland Harris Tweed Cushion


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